Design Services

At Esther Tracy Interiors we are a full-service interior design firm. We are there for you each & every step of your design project, from beginning to end.  We will meet and work with you to create a uniquely personal design for your home, office, condominium or vacation property.

We offer the following services:

Custom Designed Furniture and Upholstery

Custom FurnishingsCustom Everything is how this decadent designer, likes to roll, weather its crystal lined drapery, hand stitched bedding, or one of a kind, Esther, design furnishings, creating these custom pieces, is no small task, and at times can be quite demanding, but relying heavily on our talented team, of trusted trades and work rooms, we have designed some fabulous one of a kind pieces.

Over the years, creating and designing fine custom furnishings has become our mantra, at Esther Tracy Interiors. There is no better way to express one’s personal style and flair, says Esther, let’s face it, Furniture can have a dramatic and profound effect on a room’s appearance, with an unmatched attention for detail, and a true love for her craft, Esther has become famous for her custom designs.

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Custom Bedding and Drapery

custom bedding torontoWhat helps take a room from the ordinary to the extraordinary?

“It’s all in the details of course” says Esther Tracy, and custom bedding and drapery is just one of the many aspects that helps transform a room. If you want to give a room a unique and personal touch? Dressing the windows is a great place to start. At Esther Tracy Interiors, our design team have been specializing in custom drapery and window treatments for over 30 years. Knowing all design is very personal, have a look at some of our past projects.

Custom bedding is just another opportunity for a client to put their unique creative and personal touches into a room. When in a bedroom, I think the focal point of the room should be the bed, says Esther so it only makes senses to take advantage of this space, and transform it into a tranquil and magical place of rest. Designing custom beds and bedding is something we have done for many years.

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Kitchen Designs

kitchen designWhen talking kitchens, it’s important to understand there are many things to take into consideration such as food preparation, storage, waste management, entertainment and comfort. If you ask any real estate agent they will tell you the kitchen can add the most value to your home.

A kitchen needs to be designed as a custom space outfitted especially to suit your family’s needs, so it’s a great idea, to make a wish list, and do a custom floor plan and layout, in order to get it right the first time, our experienced design team can help you with a fabulous plan for the kitchen of your dreams.

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Bathroom Design

Bathroom DesignBathrooms are one of most expensive rooms per square foot to renovate in your home and can also add the most value, so it really does pay to do it right, the first time!

Bathrooms can be complex to design and install so it’s important to invest adequate time and consideration in their renovation. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of doing so many different bathrooms and en suites for my clients I just find it, another great room to add some personal charm and creativity too.

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Lighting Design

Lighting Design toronto residentialWhen designing a room, one of the key elements in setting the mood and overall tone is lighting. Understanding how lighting can transform an environment is quite difficult and something that our expert design team understands all too well. Knowing how to balance a room, by using layers of lighting and working from the ceiling down, can make a space come to life, our design team can help you with all your lighting needs and provide you with a lighting plan, that is cohesive with your expectations and beyond.

“Natural light is a room’s best friend.” Esther Tracy.

Floor Plans and Renderings

floor plan renderingsAt Esther Tracy Interiors we understand the key to an amazing space is functionality and fluidity. Assisting you with space planning and room layout, our design team will create a unique living environment that is both functional and practical.

Whether its 3D renderings or simple floor plans, taking full advantage of our modern design draft and CAD capabilities is a great way to get your project started on the right foot.

Colour Selection and Specialty Finishes

coloursPaint can dramatically transform a space, so do not underestimate the challenge colour selection can pose. Taking advantage of our expert knowledge, and consulting with our design team, can make all the difference. Getting it right the first time will save you time and money. At Esther Tracy Interiors, we know how important colour selection can be.

We also understand how light can reflect and compliment all colors differently. That’s why understanding how light can effect color, and how color can affect you, is crucial.  When it comes to color choice, I like to make sure they complement each other, and or make a statement. Accent walls are one of those great ways to make a statement. Color can have a profound way of transforming a space, so let us do it right together.

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